Piotex Gloves (PVT) Ltd. is a technology-specialized coated gloves manufacturer.

We manufacture NBR-foam and DMF-ZERO(0%) water-based PU foam glove, with the capacity of 600,000 pairs/month each by production line. Our foaming technology gives superior grip, comfort and breathability at work compared to other competing gloves. This foam is called “Open-cell” foam structure, which gives better contact with the object in the presence of water or oil. There are very few companies with this technology, and we have developed this technology with our experience of more than 60 years in the field. This product will significantly improve productivity and reduce the chance of accidents at workplaces.

Especially, our unique foaming has enabled us to eliminate DMF from production process and therefore safe from toxic solvent that is present in conventional PU gloves. We are actively developing new products such as cut-resistant and anti-static gloves as well. Thank you for your interest with our products, and we look forward to fulfill your needs in the future.

Piotex Gloves (PVT) Ltd.

Exhibitions we participate:

A+A 2011, 2013 Dusseldorf, Germany
Korea Industrial Safety Show 2013, Seoul, Korea
NSC Expo 2010 San Diego, USA