1. Introduction to Open-cell Foam Technology

Our new development of this foaming technique is used to improve the coating performance of both NBR and water-based PU foam gloves in the market for better safety of workers and work efficiency. Open-cell technology provides great softness, excellent grip and non-tackiness.

This technologyshows significant difference in grip performance compared to other NBR foam gloves in the market – which leads to differentiated performance in worker’s protection. Below is a microscopic view of our NBR foam surface :

The surface is super smooth, foams are facing the surface, and sizes are uniform and distributed evenly.

Round and clear boundary of the cells represents the solid structure of foam, and supplies through breathability.

1. Exceptional comfort & breathability

2. Excellent grip & dexterity

3. DMF & solvent ZERO


Advantages of Piotex Gloves foam :

  1. Foams hold the object like octopus’ sucker

  2. Even distribution of foam provides even grip all over the coated surface

  3. Matt surface doesn’t make the glove feel like contaminating the object

Below are the 200X zoom view of other NBR foam gloves available in the market.
You can compare the difference of foam structure and surface.


i) Irregular foam size gives irregular cushion & grip.

ii) Glossy surface due to heave use of foaming agent, making the coat feel sticky.

iii) Burst pores (black spots) lead to weak tear resistance.


We are very confident that our technology shows significant difference with the others, and it will add value to conventional concept of NBR and water-based PU foam gloves. Please try it on, and you will see the difference.

2. Why DMF 0 PPM PUD?

The conventional solvent-based PU coated gloves are flooding the world with its advantages of lightness, flexibility, good grip and low price. However, to generate foam for breathability and comfort, DMF and DOP has to be used to create pores in PU and then extracted. The problem is that it’s impractical to totally extract DMF, and residuals of DMF can cause health issues when exposed to naked skin.
HyTeq Water-based PU Foam(also called PUD) gloves are one of the newest glove on the market with physical performance matching conventional solvent-based PU gloves in the market.
HyTeq contains 0 PPM DMF & DOP, and is soft, flexible and durable.
HyTeq does not only meet the basic requirement of DMF 0 PPM, but also is Food contact approved by SGSTM, and is resistant to fat and alcohols.

3. HPPE/Kevlar coating

Polymer coating on HPPE or polyaramid(popularly known as DyneemaTM and KevlarTM respectively) yarn tend to peel off easily because of its molecular structure.

< Surface modification of yarn >

Due to the characteristic of PE type yarns, they are known to be difficult to coat with polymer. This leads to easy peel off and results to lower durability of coating.
We have developed a surface treatment technique that does not use primer or any other chemicals to improve adhesion, but physically modifies the outer surface of yarn without sacrificing the strength of the yarn. Combined with our superb foaming technology, this gives one of the best performance cut-resistant gloves with excellent grip.

Patented Sandy finish (KOT-1000)

Patented Matt NBR foam is available in KOT-1000. This coating has sandy, matt surface finish that gives a softer cushion and touch when handling objects. Outstanding grip performance of this product sets a new standard in breathable gloves handling heavier appliances.